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Furious 7 Scorches in China and Beyond!
April 14, 2015
Hammad Zaidi
Welcome to Going Bionic #262. Before we dive into today’s topic, I’d like to take a moment to wish my parents a very Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary. There would be no Going Bionic without my mom and dad, so Happy Anniversary. And I love the both of you dearly!
Now back to our regularly scheduled article….
Just when you thought Furious 7 might lose speed, the $190 million budgeted racer won its second weekend with $59.6 million at the domestic box office, which is a 60% decrease from its opening weekend. More importantly, the picture broke the opening day box office record in China, by earning $68.6 million. Thus, today we’re going to track how Furious 7 continues to impact the global box office.
International Box office Continues to Trump Domestic
While Furious 7 has earned $252,521,904 at the domestic box office, the picture has earned $550,472,609 internationally, giving it a worldwide total of $802,994,513. Thus, 68.55% of the film’s worldwide total has been earned internationally.
In order to grasp how monumental of a success Furious 7 is, please consider the following: The picture has already earned north of a quarter billion dollars domestically, and that number only accounts for 31.45% of it’s box office total so far. Furthermore, it’s projected to make $1.2 billion worldwide, $350 million domestically and $850 million internationally.
One Key Factor for the International Explosion
In addition to the global news of Paul Walker’s untimely death in 2013, which may have increased the visibility and interest level from the casual moviegoer, one key factor for Furious 7’s global explosion is viewing audiences around the world need not to know English to follow the story.  Simply put, car chases are easy to follow, regardless of the country, culture or language. Of course, that fact has benefitted the entire series.
With $68.6 million earned on April 12 alone, Furious 7 may break the Avengers record of $300 million in China. Then again, it may not, because Avengers 2 in on its way in two weeks.
Other Key International Territories
In addition to China, Furious 7 is blazing away in several territories around the world. Here are a few key numbers:
UK –             $38,803,141 (-57% drop in second weekend)
  • This 10-day total is tracking ahead of Fifty Shades of Grey, and it is the largest 10-day release in the UK since the final edition of the Twilight series earned 26.98 million British Pounds, or $39,875,525.

Side note: The UK totals are being converted from British pounds into USA dollars based on the exchange rates on April 14, 2015. Therefore, historical information for the Twilight film may be off slightly.
Australia – $23,304,440 (-46.9% drop in second weekend)
Italy –          $15,383,910 (-52.5% drop in second weekend)
Okay friends, thanks for lending me your eyes once again, and I look forward to borrowing them once again next week! I can be followed on Twitter @Lonelyseal.
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