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Hey, Filmmakers! Welcome to Going Bionic #256, otherwise known as our final edition here on Film Threat. After 256 articles over four years, nine months and 13 days, my little column that navigates the world of international and domestic film distribution, while injecting a healthy dose of career strategy and occasional encouragement, is moving to its new home, goingbionic.com next Tuesday, March 10.
Furthermore, I will be co-hosting a regularly scheduled podcast for another major film publication in the near future. The details are getting figured out right now, but I’ll be sure to post details on goingbionic.com once they become available. Thus, today I’d like to discuss where this column is headed and why you should continue to lend me your eyes next Tuesday!
But first, please let me say a few things:
Mark Bell – Thank you for the opportunity, the platform, and your friendship. All any writer wants in life is a place to be heard, and you’ve done that. Thank you, my friend.
Don Lewis – If your cell phone ever gets a signal, call me so we can get our next adventure together started!
Going Bionic Readers – Thank you for lending me your eyes. I hope I’ve been able to help you on your journey. One thing I promise is if you NEVER GIVE UP, you will eventually reach your goals. Remember, giving up on your dreams is almost as bad as giving up on life itself, because what is life without dreams? So don’t you dare stop reaching for your goals!
Now let’s dive into today’s topic.
The Past Four Years, Nine Months and 13 Days
When the first Going Bionic was published on May 18, 2010, Going Bionic was just the title of the first article, and was never meant to be the name of my column. But, Mark Bell liked it, so it stuck. The funny thing is, back then, I was pretty “bionic-less.” In fact, I’m moderately disabled and type one-handed as a result of one aspect of my disability, so I’ve always found it amusing that my column is named something I could never be. 
However, I’ve since become a partner at an entertainment and technology company that does everything from video games to 3D-touch screen wayfinding, to mobile payments and music, to film and television, so now I’m bionic as all Hell! I’m also a founding partner of a new film finance portal, and of course, I still own my beloved international film distribution company.
So, today I wanted to discuss a few of the areas listed above, so you’ll get an idea of what types of topics Going Bionic will report on from next Tuesday and beyond.
Bring Your Passport! 
If you’ve read any number of my previous articles over the years, you know that many of my Going Bionic decisions were written while I was traveling overseas. I’ve written articles from Cannes, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Toronto and beyond. In fact, one of the main reasons I asked Mark Bell to give me a platform to write this column is so I could report real-time, on-the-ground information from various parts of the planet. Thus, I assure you that aspect of my column will never stop.
Mapping our Bionic Future Together
Since I’m currently engaged in from film and television distribution, finance, packaging and pre-sales, to video games, electronic tablets, animated television shows, mobile payments, music, 3-D wayfinding solutions, and a few other areas that have yet to be publically announced, I wanted to give all of you readers a little insight into the companies I’m a partner in.
Alert Filmmakers: If you ever have projects you think I may be interested in for my companies, please feel free to contact me directly at Ha****@Lo********.com.

Lonely Seal Releasing – This is my baby. I named this company in 1975, (I was very young kid) opened the production company division in 1994, and finally this international distribution company in 2005. We attend many major film sales markets, including Cannes, Berlin, MIPCOM, MIPTV, TIFFCOM in Tokyo and FILMART in Hong Kong. We also handle international pre-sales, co-productions with partnering countries, and we develop and produce film and TV product in-house. Additionally, we serve as a strategy, finance, packaging and consultant for filmmakers. So, let me know if you have a completed feature, or somewhat-funded genius piece of creative bliss.
CineCoin – All indie and studio-based filmmakers should give this a look, because we marry qualified investors with motion picture investment opportunities, based on the most current changes to U.S. Tax laws. Simply put, CineCoin is Kickstarter for investors. I’m proud to have founded this entity with Les Butchart, a fellow indie filmmaker.
Industry Corporation – Becoming a partner in this Company represents the single-smartest career decision I’ve ever made. Established 2008, Industry Corporation is a creative partnership with over 100 media and technology products and ventures. Key areas of interest include video games, software development, public touchscreen solutions, and mobile transactions. The group is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, and Los Angeles, California, with forthcoming domiciles in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Industry Touch – Based in Kitchener, Ontario and Los Angeles, Industry Touch offers MappedIn, and the world’s most advanced 3-D, interactive touchscreen wayfinding and data gathering solution. Industry Touch is also coming out with a proprietary tablet called Spark. Designed for public spaces like airport terminals, restaurants, hospitals, suites at football stadiums and sports arenas, Spark will be loaded with 40+ video games, menu capabilities, flight information, wayfinding, news, video streaming, email, etc.
As I look back at my time here at Film Threat, I can’t help to think how much damn fun it’s been to deliver these articles to you. I also can’t stop thinking about my major life landmarks that have occurred since our maiden voyage. My three most memorable have been:
  • The birth of my daughters Zoe and Lena in 2011.
  • The death of Sgt. Dr. Pepper, our 14-year old blind and cancerous dog on February 16, 2015.
  • Meeting with Andrew Matlock, the Co-Founder and CEO of Industry Corporation in 2012, which is much of what I’m going to be into for the next several decades.
So, filmmakers, I’ll say it one last time here until I say it for the first time on goingbionic.com next Tuesday:
Thank you for lending me your eyes, and I’d be honored to borrow them again next week. Until then, have a tremendously productive and ridiculously creative week! I can be followed on Twitter @Lonelyseal.

Read more: http://www.filmthreat.com/features/81640/#ixzz3TMQCcIDZ

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